May 20 2012, 03:21 PM

Thor/Loki fic recs, part 3


Even more of my favorite Thor/Loki fics :3 (part one is here, part two is here)

Yidrigar | PG

When Sunshine Turns to Rain | Teen (AU)

The Edge of Loathing | Explicit (WIP)

Zhashtar | PG

Validation | Explicit

Masked by Hate | Explicit

The Bitter Taste of Hope | Explicit

Like Rolling Thunder | Explicit

Sleeping Beauty | Explicit (contains somnophilia)

Between Your Whispers | Teen

Dreams of You Still Wash Ashore | Teen

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend | Teen

Punishment | PG-13

For You | Explicit

Silence | Gen

Res Judicata | Explicit

Monstrosity | Mature (contains mpreg)

Bonus Hiddlesworth:

Digital Getdown | Mature

Debts and Payback | Teen

Late | Mature

Risky Business | Mature

definitely honored to be included on this list u///u