November 10 2012, 12:04 PM

24 hour fic-a-thon

for the next 24 hours my ask box is open to any and all thor/loki or hiddlesworth prompts. leave a pairing, leave a prompt and a short fic will be written as fast as i can write them. 

a prompt can be anything from a word, a phrase, a quote, a picture, gif, anything, really. just trying something new to bust through some terrible writers block so i can finish the half-written fics on the table.

so! request away, reblog to spread the word if you’re feeling kind enough. thanks! ♥

ps: there is no limit on requests! so load me down if you feel like, but i will stop taking requests at 12pm EST on november 11!

June 19 2012, 08:12 PM

end of an era


I said that I would never write a death fic in my life and here I did it anyway. No clue why but this thought has been bothering me for months now. Not the best thing I’ve written but I hate doing sad things…. Anyway. Not beta’d as usual. (AO3 link)

Against all odds the sun is actually shining. Bright and golden, high in the sky and scattering a warmth across the land. It’s spring and the leaves are green, the flowers vibrant shades of the rainbow. The world is bursting with life. Birds are chirping loud and happy. Insects buzz around the flowers. Wildlife moves about gathering food and building nests. They’re all acting as if they don’t know. And they don’t, they couldn’t possibly, that would just be a bit silly.

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June 07 2012, 10:12 AM


the avengers | cop drama au

A series of murders of influential people in different cities across the country is the reason why Colonel Nick Fury, a decorated ex-army man consulting for the FBI has assembled a team of skilled detectives to solve the murders and stop the killer before more deaths occur. The investigation takes a personal turn when the brother of one Detective Odinson is implicated in the murders.

A tense silence falls over the room, each man standing rigid for different reasons. The only sound heard is the clock ticking on the wall; menacing, oppressive. Counting down until the eventual blowup. It’s coming, they can all feel it.

For once Tony doesn’t toss out a careless, snarked comment—maybe he’s learning, or maybe he can tell how wound up tight Thor is and doesn’t feel like being punched in the face again like last time. Things are different this time. His eyes tear away from the various papers and threads pinned to the wall in front of them and he looks at Steve.

His gaze is already there, waiting for Tony as if he knew. It’s there in his eyes, the reprimand if Tony so much as dares says anything in the wrong direction.

Then they both shift to Thor. He looks like a wild tiger about to strike—everything about him speaks deadly except his eyes are wide with disbelief. This can’t be true. It just cannot be true.

“Odins—” Steve begins but immediately cuts himself off. It’s just the three of them, it’s after hours and they’re friends. This is something that requires a more delicate touch. “Thor,” he begins again, lifting a hand to place on his shoulder. “We have to—”

But he’s cut off, Thor’s hand coming up to smack him away. “No.”

“Don’t do this, Thor. It’s just going to be harder if you fight this. I know—”

“You don’t know. Neither of you do. He is my brother. He wouldn’t…” He doesn’t think he would, but he can’t say for certain. Thor doesn’t want to believe that Loki would, but…

“We have to turn this over to Fury, Thor.”

It’s not that Steve wants to do this, he can’t even begin to imagine what Thor must be thinking, feeling. But… he has a job to do. He pulls his cellphone out and begins to place a call to Fury. A hand covers his to stop him though.

“Twenty-four hours.”

This is insane, it’s wrong and he knows he shouldn’t do this. Steve starts to shake his head but he catches Tony’s eye. He just shrugs and gives him a look. “Why not? It’s not like Thoreal over here can hide from us.”

Steve looks back at Thor and sees it there in his eyes, the hurt, the upset and something bordering on pleading. He knows that somehow, someway he’s going to regret this. Detective work is no place for sentiment. But he already knows if he doesn’t allow this short window of time, Thor will do something brash all on his own and they can’t afford that. “Fine.” The phone is pocketed and he thrusts a finger at Thor. “Twenty-four hours and then I’m calling Fury.”

There’s no reply given but that pleading in Thor’s eyes is replaced by determination. He turns, grabs his jacket off the back of the chair and slams out the door, already knowing where he’s got to go.

“This was a mistake.”

“Nah.” Tony’s already at the computer, punching in things Steve can’t even begin to dream about and the picture on the screen flashes and changes to something all too familiar. “We’ll know right where Thor goes and can have agents waiting there. You know. Just in case he decides to do something stupid. Which he will.”

Steve slumps down into the seat beside Tony and rubs his eyes. “This was definitely a mistake.”


sorry this isn’t my writing tumblr but ahfaklsjdf i needed to get this out before i forgot. someone remind me to come back to this asap.

May 11 2012, 08:26 PM

give me prompts!

if you want, i mean. avengers related, any pairing and i’ll do my best. also hiddlesworth requests will be accepted as well. so! feel free… to slide… something into my inbox B)

April 22 2012, 02:21 PM


Hhhh okay. First time writing rpf but I couldn’t help it. Just as a sidenote, this fic was written before all the Hiddlesworth angst that hit the internet after the London premiere but I lost steam in finishing it up. Anyway I guess just keep that in mind? Otherwise just enjoy mindless blowjobs??? ( AO3 link )


The soft notes of the music float through the rooms. A lilting female voice carries the words of heroes and Chris couldn’t stop the slight smile that found its way to his lips. Over the melody, he could hear tins opening, dishes clinking and the kettle beginning to warm over the stove. Sunlight streamed in through the crack in the curtains and is getting dangerously close to streaking across his eyes. He could roll over, but that required more effort than he was willing to make at the moment. Instead, he presses his face into the pillow, stray golden strands of hair slide down to curtain over his face almost as if to help hide the smile that grows bigger.

They’re in London today. A block of rooms was reserved for the cast at a nearby hotel, but after parting ways with everyone after dinner the night before, Tom had taken Chris back to his place. Home. They didn’t have a lot of time to spare today and had to be down at Westfield early afternoon, so they made the most of their time. Will continue to make the most of it until they have to part ways. His eyes squint open to stare at the clock—no point in wasting even more time lazing around in bed. His phone buzzes against the wood of the nightstand, but goes ignored. He already knows it is littered with texts asking where he was last night and where he is now.

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