June 13 2012, 06:52 PM
Are you still taking prompts?:) maybe a Thor/Loki or RPF Tom/Chris fic (and maybe with some porn?with Tom/Loki on top?xD or am I asking too much?xD) inspired by one of these two songs: "Gotten"-Slash&Adam Levine or "Per Sempre"-Nina Zilli (if you need the translation of the last one I can also help you :)). Hope you like it and that this comment doesn't bother you, sorry for my bad English :)

yup! i’ll likely always be open to prompts. especially those of the porn variety. :D i’m not familiar with either song, but i will most certainly give them a listen and see if i can come up with something for you. or perhaps just do both and split the difference. 

June 10 2012, 06:41 PM

seeing that wantstobelieve rec’d one of my fics is pretty much like getting a direct blessing from jesus hiddlesworth. at least now i know where the surge of followers came from most likely. 

should have some stuff to post this week. thank you guys for following/reading/liking/reblogging/whatevering. it means a lot :D

June 08 2012, 11:28 PM
Oh jeez, did you get my last message about your stories and being excited about Hiddlesworth: Bedtime Stories? My browser decided to shut down on me and I don't know that it sent D:

nope! but i got this and it’s just as good :D LMAO i’m glad people are excited about this… and hopefully i will have something… to post… as to not disappoint!