April 02 2012, 12:22 AM

For Your Entertainment

A quick fic written that was inspired by Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment. Not the best but posting it anyway. ( AO3 link )


The heavy bass of the music shakes the veins under his skin. Hairs on his arms vibrating and his heart thumping in time to the beat—pounding like it created the melody itself. He can’t stand this kind of shitty music, everything sounds the same. A giant cacophony of noise that holds no substance. By now he expects nothing more or nothing less from these places, but that doesn’t stop him from going. Ironically enjoying the time spent in the club.

Brightly colored lights flash over the dance floor—bodies covered in a sheen of sweat and pheromones. Each one moving and gyrating with one another in fleeting harmony. Meeting just for the song—or if they’re lucky—just for the night. This isn’t the sort of place Thor frequents, and against his better judgment (when he does have it—which is extremely rare) he accepted the invite out from his friends. Something about tonight feels different. Tonight, he feels electric. It’s crackling under his skin like an oncoming thunderstorm.

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